Top 12 Signs That Shows You are in Love with Someone Special

Every season is the season of love, but what if you are actually not sure of what love is or if you are in love or not. Finding if you are in love or not can be difficult, but according to researchers it is easy to find out as a person in love have brains which behave differently and in an unusual way compared to someone who is not in love.Signs of Love

12 Signs that indicate you are in Love

To help out individuals and let them figure out if they are actually in love we have bought forward the ways to find that you are in love.

Loved one is Special

When you are in love you might feel that the one you love is special and most different and amazing on this Earth. This belief is not the same for everyone and you feel a lot romantic for this person specifically. You begin to focus and pay attention to this person expressly in comparison with other persons around.


An individual might be wondering about ways of how to find that I am in love. To find this out, look towards your behavior and think about a specific individual. Once a person is in love he tends to concentrate on positive qualities of the other person overlooking their negative ones. Also, they keep on day dreaming and thinking about their love, moments spent together etc. People even tend to build up dreams of how he/she would like to spend their future with them or what plans do have in their mind while passing the time with them.

Turning Emotional

You might be strong at heart, but there are chances that you become emotional day by day for your partner, which may also cause increased sleeplessness in the person, loss of appetite, racing heart and can also cause pain in the heart while going through a small downfall in the relationship. Being in love is nothing else than an addiction, you remain lost in your love and in your partner for life.

Overcoming Challenge

For people who have to face many challenges for coming close to specific person falls in an intense love with each other. As per the research, it is said that the rewards which are postponed or are achieved after facing many challenges are nearer to person’s heart and occupies a major portion in their lives. Same goes for an individual who comes close to the person they love after facing many challenges.

Obsesses about your Partner

As per research and various studies conducted, it is said that people who are in love spend their maximum of time thinking about their partners and missing them. Extensive thinking may lead to an obsessive behavior in individuals who have fallen in love.


When you are in love all you can think of is being together, you tend to be emotionally dependent on the other person and such dependency can be a mixture of different feelings such as jealousy, possessiveness, anxiety and such signs are clear ways to find that you are in love.


People who are in love feel a lot strongly about each other that they are ready to do anything and everything for them. They are not able to take the pain of another person, and are ready to sacrifice everything for their happiness and welfare.


After falling in love, one becomes very particular about his/her outfit and ensures that he/she is looking the best. He/she also makes sure to present him/her in the best possible way and maintain good habits to impress the person he/she loves.


People who are in love with each other feels strongly connected and have the desire to come closer to each other. The long desire of coming close to each other may also lead to possessiveness and this clearly portrays of how strongly a person is in love with each other.

Not about Sexual Desire

When a person is in love for real, then they don’t have just the desire of making love, rather they feel emotionally incomplete without the person they are in love with.

Emotions out of Control

It is commonly seen that people who are in love, feel uncontrollable for their emotions and feelings which are a clear sign of people being in love.


The feeling of love does not stay forever, with time it turns into an attachment, wherein one person feels that it is difficult to stay away from one another. There are social and physical barriers which may keep people apart from each other, and this may be the reason of pain and despair in heart of people.

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