Best Birthday Gifts Ideas to Surprise Your Ex-girlfriend

Breakup is difficult time for anyone. You are hurt emotionally but once you get past that phase you have two options. First one is to be friend with your ex. Second one is ignore your ex. You should go for the first option. When you are friends with your ex question arises how do you behave with them? Is it okay to give birthday gifts to your ex-girlfriend? The answer is behave like a normal friend. Yes it is okay to give your ex-girlfriend birthday gifts. Your ex-girlfriend can be your best buddy as she already knows a lot about you and you already are comfortable with her. This can only be achieved if you keep things clear in between both of you. Now arises a difficult question what should you gift her on her birthday? So here are some ideas for birthday gifts for ex-girlfriend.

Gift Her Something She Loves

There must be something that she liked but you disliked so she never bought it or used it. Maybe some color you disliked or some perfume you hate. Birthday present for your ex-love is easy as she is just a friend you do not mind her using the things you dislike. So, by gifting her that you are showing her that yes you still know her very well and that you are her friend. Birthday Presents for Ex-girlfriend, Cakes, Chocolates, Collage


Make a collage of her pictures with all her special friends including a picture with you. Get it printed on a mug or a cushion or just get it printed and get it framed. This way you are showing her that yes you are a friend and this is easy solution for sending gifts to girlfriend after breakup. This would not be uncomfortable as the pictures include all her friends (even the ones you dislike).


Worrying over the question should I give my ex-girlfriend a birthday gift? The answer is yes and the best option for you is chocolates. Chocolates are not only gender neutral gift but also relationship neutral. They can be gifted to friends, girl-friends, parents, teachers, brothers, sisters and basically anyone. So by gifting her a basket of chocolates she loves you are playing safe.

Soft Toys

If you are thinking about sweet ideas to give gift to my ex-gf then soft toys is the solution for you. Do not choose those big cuddly teddy bears. Rather than that choose some cartoon she loves or maybe a minion. Something that she still loves and brings out the kid in her. If she is not a big fan of cartoons then maybe go for some animal maybe.

Being a supportive friend who cares is a wonderful thing. It should not matter that the friend is your ex. If you are a friend then prove it to her. Birthdays are important to everyone. So by gifting her something she would love is no wrong idea if done with the right intentions.

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