Can I Have Sex with My Best Friend without Harming the Friendship?

Ranking high amongst few of the most debated topics across the country is sex and the associated stigma and taboo with it. While the nation’s population, including few of its most prominent and known politicians and public figures, have been constantly framed and criticized for actively fabricating sex with social disgust and shame, most of the youth of the country have a far wide and differing take on the issue.Can Best Friends Have Sex

Defying the stigma associated with the issue, the youth is the major constituent of the population that is unafraid and blunt on its opinion on sex. While there still exists a majority of the male population that finds it completely normal for a man to indulge in sex as often as he desires but defies the same freedom for a woman, there is a portion of the community that has an unbiased and equal approach to the issue.

The Debate Surrounding Sex

Sex in itself is a topic that most people will find themselves uncomfortable to discuss. People tend to keep their opinions and views under wrap about sex as they fear that they might face the reaction on their outspoken comments. Equally debatable is the ancillary topic to sex and the question of it being carried out pre or post the wedding. Such debates sprout further questions about the people it should be happening between. One such question might be, whether sex is possible between two best friends. The topic of sex has always been a covert discussion and continues to remain so since a past number of decades. Sparking more flames to the topic is the thought if it can take place between two best friends.

Can Sex take place between Best Friends?

If asked to people in general, the opinions on the question would be negative, coupled with rage and taboo on the subject. If however, the question is given a thoughtful look and a reasonable understanding, one can come to conclude, that there is potentially no harm in indulging in sex between two best friends on their mutual consent. The question whether it should be before or after marriage is a matter of personal opinion of the people involved in the act.

Best friends are two people who share a close bond in terms of feelings, understanding and a relationship that is long lasting. One might chance upon coming across a pair of best friends that even share every tiny secret about their life with each other. Be it even a tiny matter in regard to anything that might have happened with them, they tend to share it with their best friends.

A best friend occupies a special place in the other best friend’s heart that is probably not meant for occupation by another. A best friend can have an influence in another best friend’s life. Best friends are people who can occupy a very important and intimate place in another’s life. This intimate position can end up bringing two best friends so close that the feeling of solitude in one friend’s life can be filled by the intimation in the relationship between the two. This space of intimation can bring the two best friends extremely close and can make them indulge in the activity of sex.

Sex can fill the feeling of solitude and can provide solace in times of need to the two best friends. The idea of sex between two best friends is not something that makes a person guilty or responsible for a wrongful act. One should not be conservative about the idea of sex taking place only between married couples. As long as the practice of safe sex is adopted, two best friends can also involve in sexual activity between them. It is completely a matter of personal choice whether or not one wants to indulge in sex and at what age they wish to do so.

Sex is also a matter of personal choice if a person chooses his or her best friend to indulge in sex with. There is no fixed rule book in this regard that lays down any specific criteria on this matter. The level of knowledge and understanding has improved, resulting in the youth making informed and aware decisions. It cannot be ruled out that the youth is well aware of its right and wrong.

The Dark and Sad side of Sex between Best Friends

Many people would point out an opinion that in the long run, the proximity between best friends and subsequent activity of sex between them may lead to the development of certain feelings and emotions between them. The robustness of these feelings might be of a nature that would turn into hatred and anger upon meeting the slightest hint of denial from the other person.

The ultimate result of the idea which began from a fling might become the cause for two best friends to part ways forever. This is the reason why a friend will prefer choosing to remain in friendship and avoid endangering the relationship by indulging in sex. Thus, the idea of losing a friendship at the cost of having sex with a best friend is not a path that most people will go for.

The Bottom Line

The youth enjoys a comfortable form of life that lets them adhere to their will of enjoyment and fun. Without bothering about any conventional beliefs, the people can safely engage in sexual activity. The youth is taking to adopting practices and following beliefs that stay in tune with their comfort and likes. When the modern youth finds it easy and normal to indulge in sex before marriage, there is no harm in comfortably believing the idea of sex between any two best friends. However, this debate will continue to remain a hot fire of hypothesis from different segments of population and believers who will mostly continue to argue against this idea of sex.

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