I am a Hindu Boy and I want to Marry a Muslim Girl I Love – Breaking the Stereotype

It is righteously said that marriages are a nuptial bond which is made in heaven. It breaks all chains of social barriers and unites two hearts for an eternal journey. Social struggles, religious and cultural differences surface when this marriage bond is made between a Hindu and Muslim. It is this social struggle and rage that I fear before I tie the knot with my beloved who is a Muslim. I am a Hindu boy and want to marry a Muslim girl and I am head over heels for her. All I wonder if this love marriage between Hindu boy and Muslim girl will be successful and bring us joy.

Why I want to Marry Her – Crossing the Barriers

I love her and I want to marry her. According to me, this is the sole reason which is enough to marry a girl. The religion can’t separate the loving birds. My love is real and I think no barrier can stop us to unite. We will surely fly one day by breaking all the stereotypes and taboos.Hindu Muslim Love Marriage in India, Success Stories, Problems, Act, Images, Statistics

My Inner Conscience says ‘I Want To’

I am a Hindu boy and hail from a staunch conservative Hindu Brahmin family where culture and traditions hold a very high place. I have lost my heart to a beautiful and an amazing girl who completes my life and most significantly brings a smile on my face in all odds. She follows Mohammad and lives a different culture and tradition but my feelings for her are irrefutably above these. I was always aware of the struggles that lie ahead of because of the irrational Indian mentality yet I wanted us to happen!

My Move to Conquer the Legal Hurdle

The conflict between Hindus and Muslims have been reigning the social rages for decades and my decision to marry a Muslim girl will only worsen the situation in our families. But our love is all decked up to battle the odds and settle for a peaceful and love-filled future. We are seeking for legal help and information on inter religion marriage law in India so that we can be legally secured.

An Equal-equal Share!

It is a known fact that the religious beliefs and culture of Hindus and Muslims are widely different and people inherit their religious values right since childhood. This makes it difficult to adapt a new religion and culture all of a sudden after marriage. The mindset needs to get altered and religious beliefs often go for a toss. It will get pretty difficult for a Muslim girl to adopt the new relationship, culture and religious practices of Hinduism. The different Pujas, Fasting and a lot more will certainly make life difficult for her. All I wish she can resist this religious transformation and respect the change.

At the same time, I swore to myself to make full efforts to give her liberty to practice her own religion too and I will also adopt her religious practices so that we can have an equal share to our struggles too. This fight to make peace with our religious differences can settle only when we hold the patience to get through all the temporary discomfort, problems and social issues. This will re-instill faith in Indian wedding taboos people hold for Hindu-Muslim marriages.

It is all about Love

The legal issues and social tiffs are humongous for both me being a Hindu boy and the Muslim girl I wish to marry. It is not just about the verses between Gita and Quran or about Lord Krishna or Prophet Mohammad but it is much more beyond these predictable differences. The success rate of Hindu Muslim couples and their love stories are not very high. The soul reason is the excessive pressure of society and families. If the love is true, we can easily deal against all odds and be there for each other.

Need Your Support & Suggestions

I am an independent string man and I will help my lady to become independent and string too so that she can get more rational and take a stand for herself. The special marriage act and legal support will aid the process of getting hitched and our love for each other will ease the problems raised by society. All facts and statistics fail when it comes to marriage. I will do everything possible to make the marriage successful such that I will leave a positive answer to the question ‘can a Hindu boy marry a Muslim girl’. All I need is support from my well-wishers to go ahead with this major step to make my life more meaningful.

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