How to Start a Conversation with an Unknown Girl in Office: Top 6 Ways to Approach Her

The modern generation has embraced rational values and it is no longer creepy to strike a conversation with a stranger at workplace or in the social circle. This initiative is very much need of the hour to develop a friendly interaction and for networking in the office. People tend to be shy and refrain from moving out of the comfort zone. This leads to them being introvert in workplace creating an isolation arena. This is pretty common for men at work who shy away to start a conversation with an unknown girl in office.How to Start Conversation with Female Colleague, Office Girl, Flirting Tips

Haunting Questions!

What will she think? How will she react? What will others say? Is it really needed? Several questions pop into our mind before we approach to talk to an unknown girl at work. It is necessary to interact, build a network and share knowledge to grow and flourish in an industry and it is very much different from so called office flirting. So you will be at loss if you hesitate to strike a conversation with an unknown girl in office. Here are some amazing tips that will help you start a healthy and friendly conversation with a female colleague at work.

Tips to Start a Conversation with an Unknown Girl at Work

The world is advancing and people are embracing modern values and open-mindedness. Talking to a female colleague and interacting in a friendly way is no longer a social taboo and is very much welcomed. It leads to sharing of notions and knowledge and widening of horizons that contribute to the growth of career and organization’s prosperity. Here are some simple yet useful tips and ways to approach a female colleague at work.

Smile: It Increases Face Value

The most simple and warm way to get noticed and initiate a conversation is to begin with a charming smile. You can simple walk pass her cubicle or desk and pass a smile. This will get you noticed and will also convey a polite greet. Watch out her reaction when you smile. She may be a little confused initially but will slowly smile back as a courtesy. The exchange of smile will help to break the first silence and make an easy platform to talk a girl for the first time in the office.

Being Formal

Casual greets can get a slight difficult with reserved and shy people. A formal ‘Hi‘ or ‘Hello‘ and asking about work and experience can make it easier for such shy people. A formal conversation will not impress your office crush immediately but it will make way for a second chance and so on. You can thus proceed slowly and strike long and casual conversations.

Planned Accidental Meet

This is planned accidental meet you can try to strike an initial conversation with an unknown female colleague at work. You can note when she usually goes for a tea or coffee break. Try meeting her in the breakout when she takes her tea break and make it look an accident. It is then you can initiate a conversation about her domain in which she is working or about her native. You can also greet good morning and good evening to start it on a simple note.

Borrow and Pass

Another simple yet tricky way to strike a conversation would be to ask for a stationary like pen/pencil/notepad to an unknown female colleague to start with a conversation if she sits in close proximity. Borrow and passing stuffs can lead to easy mingling and break the initial shyness to start a conversation. This will be from both ends and hence the girl too will respond to your exchange.

Impressive Gestures

Compliments and appreciation can come across as slightly bold but worth a try if you have a crush on the new gorgeous girl at work. Dating a female co-worker can be risky but if you are all taken by her charm, compliments and gestures can help you build an impression. You can begin by complimenting her on special occasions when she is all decked up or can send her wishes on her birthday or during festivals. These gestures can help you get noticed which will break the ice and help you get started with a conversation.

Exchange Glances

Exchanging glances and stealing glimpses are a common way to let someone know that you are noticing her. It is one of the basic yet useful tips to impress women at your workplace. Women love compliments and gifts. Gifting someone with a note attached will help you initiate flirt with office colleague. Giving a small gift is also a bold gesture but it is sure to convey your liking or inclination for her. So start with these small gestures and begin a friendly conversation to make your crush comfortable and then keep the flame burning.

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