How Woman Should Not Dress Up on First Date – 7 Things to Avoid

Planning wardrobe and dresses for an occasion are always a nightmare for the ladies. They want to look their best at any cost. Everything has to be perfect and simply beautiful. They can even have an anxiety attack over this. No matter how full their wardrobes are they still seem to be a little confused all the time. It becomes a rocket science when that special occasion is the first date with a guy they had a crush on for a long time.

How Woman Should Not Dress Up on First Date

In a desire to look their best woman sometimes end up dressing up rather awkwardly and doing some wardrobe disasters that they are not accustomed to. We have now taken this matter with the utmost seriousness for all the pretty ladies and have come up with this list for you so that next time you are not repeating a blunder you did last time on a date. Let’s check out these mistakes.How woman should not dress up on first date

T-shirts with Printed Messages and Quotes

Believe it or not, a lot of girls are wearing these t-shirts for the date night. These extremely bold and humorous t-shirts are a good choice for enjoying a lazy weekend in your apartment but not at all for wearing on a date. They are not cool and really don’t show the feminine side of yours, and that is exactly what guys are looking for. They can be saved for later outings that are little more casual and you two have opened up. No guy would like to know your humorous side or political thoughts on the first date with these bold printed t-shirts.

Reveal Nothing

Short dresses are also a big no for the first date. It does not mean that you have to dress up in a sari or something but avoid anything that is too low cut. You just have to keep aside those sexy little skirts, pantyhose, and those fishnet dresses that you have been wearing to the parties. It may send a wrong message if you dress up in a short tight dress. Although a one piece with little deep neck, with a right necklace or scarf to keep the mystery running is a really good choice. It will surely make him throw some compliments in your way.

Do not go for New Dresses

A lot of beautiful ladies are surely going to buy a new trendy dress for the first date. Don’t do this. It is so because then you will be more conscious and doubtful about your looks in this new dress. It doesn’t mean that you cannot buy anything new at all but stick with the old trends and your favorites that you have been wearing and feel comfortable in. You don’t have to mount the nervousness when already it is a very important day for you. Rather than experimenting with the dress you can accessorize your look with a trendy new belt, scarf, bracelets, etc. You don’t know this but men are also paying attention to the details.

Visible Bra Straps are not Sexy

Yes, on your first date they are a poor show. Wearing visible garters and bustiers is a total no. This can obviously be a bit awkward for him and may even send a wrong signal. It is not wrong for any casual occasion but totally not for the first date as this is something the two of you will remember for the rest of your relationship. If you decide to wear an off-shoulder or halter neck dress then make sure you wear one of those strapless bras or rather a bra with transparent straps.

Heels have to be Normal

There is certainly a limit to the height of those pointy heels that you are planning to pair with your dress. The high heels are not the right choice for the first date as you may end up towering over your guy if he is not a lot taller than you. Stilettos are also crossed out on this list. If you two plan to take a walk around after the dinner then these heels will surely make it a grilling test for you. So try to pair it with the smaller heels or the beautiful shoes or bellies that look classy. In case you decide to wear a sandal, don’t dare to wear a sock. It really looks ugly and will surely leave a bad impression on him.

Tight is not Right

Avoid wearing those tight skinny jeans that you have liked so much. The guys do like to get eye candy treat, but on the first date, it won’t look good. Also, the dress that you go for should not be looking like your second skin. It should just fit u perfectly so that he just gets an idea of your curves.

Natural Beauty is surely the Best

Cosmetics are an important part of your dressing up session. Make sure you don’t put on very flashy make-up. Looking natural with a little touch-up is the best way out. Use a little mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and blush for the day and that should be all. Don’t put on a lot of foundation to give a really plastic look to you face.

The Last Words

We are sure all the beautiful ladies would now be a little more careful next time they go for the date. Moreover, for those having the first date we have definitely provided enough tips. Follow these not-to-wear tips for first date and enjoy it with someone special of your life.

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