I am a Lesbian. I want to marry a Girl. How should I tell my Parents and convince them?

What do you mean by Homosexual? Homosexual is the term used for those people who fall in love with people of same gender that means we are talking about boy to boy love story or girl to girl love story. When we talk specifically about girl to girl love then those girls are called lesbians and when we specifically talk about boys then those boys are called gay. In India, homosexuality is highly controversial but nowadays lesbianism in India is taking its pace. More and more people are being open to this. The speed might be slow but still it is progress. Be who you are proudly. It is disapproved by many. So here the best ways to convince your parents for lesbian marriage: Lesbianism in India, Lesbian Wedding Pictures, Same Sex Marriage Images

Honesty is the Best Policy

Being honest with your parents is the best way you could do this. Indian mentality is not so open about homosexual weddings so it may take some time for your parents to understand so you have to be patient with them. Even you have to understand their situation. They may be shocked or even cry about it but you have to be strong and wait for them to understand you.

Be Firm on Your Decision

Emotional blackmail is a tool that we use on our parents and sometimes they use it on us. So when you tell your parents about your lesbian relationship story, you may face some emotional blackmail by your parents about how society would disapprove of your relationship and how relatives would make fun of you but you have to be firm about your decision. If you give in you will not only ruin your life but your partner’s too.

Take Your Partner with You

Introduce your partner too your parents. This shows your parents that you are not delusional or influenced by someone else but this is completely your decision. Same sex marriages are not supported in India so this decision of yours will not only change your life but your parents too. So you have to give time for them to understand and by meeting your partner they can see all the qualities you see in your partner.

Be Straightforward

If you are into the dilemma as to how do I tell my parents that I am a lesbian then the there is nothing you can do but to be straight forward with them. This removes all the doubts your parents might have. You may have to face some anger or dialogues such as ‘Nazar Lag Gayi Hai Isko Kisi Ki’ or ‘Kisi Chudail Ne Fasa Lia Isey’ but you have to make sure that they understand that this is who you are.

Make them Feel Your Happiness

All parents want their child to be happy. So you have to make them see that the only way you can be happy is by being with the girl you love. Lesbian wedding is what you desire. Who knows that when they are convinced you might get some lesbian relationship tips from your mother?

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