I have two Boyfriends. I have to choose one. What should I do?

“No one can understand a woman” that’s the thinking of guys, similarly “No one can understand a man” that’s the thinking of girls. Sometimes due to this fact that we are not able to understand our partner and we get confused. “Love can be very confusing“. So sometimes we tend to end up with two people. Now you cannot cheat so you have to choose one. So, how to deal two boyfriends at once? Sometimes you need guidance. So, here are best tips on how to choose between two boyfriends?

I have two Boyfriends I have to choose one What should I do, Images

Who came second?

If you were dating a guy earlier and then you started liking the second one then you should choose the second guy. If the first guy you are dating was a complete package you would not have fallen for the second one. There must be something wrong with the first one that is why you felt the need to be with the second guy too. You have two options either give the first one another try or go for the second guy. You already know how it is going to be with the first guy so go for the second guy.


Who supports you more? Support is very important thing in any girl’s life. So you have to see who supports your dreams and ambitions. If a guy really loves you then he will make sure that you fulfill your dreams and he will help you at any cost. Do not ditch that guy. It is easy to just support verbally, you have to see who actually makes efforts to support you.

Happily ever after!

Maybe one of the guys keeps you happy for the moment he is with you but when he is not there you are not happy. The other keeps you happy no matter he is near or far away. Go for the other guy. Marriage is every girl’s dream. So only the guy who keeps you happy or at least tries to keep you happy always is the one who deserves happily ever after ending with you.

Patch up or a new start?

If you have broken up with someone then there must be a reason for that. Any girl, if loves a guy truly she will try to save the relationship till the end. After breakup you are hurt and feel like you cannot love again. Then comes someone who restores your faith in love. So go for the guy restored your faith and not for the one who broke you.

Heart goes on and on

The ultimate decision should be what your heart says. Go with the guy your heart decides not the one your mom or friends decides or the one who is better looking or the one is richer. Love affair is your decision, make it right.

The above mentioned top 5 ways to choose between two boyfriends are just to guide you. The ultimate decision is always yours.

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