I was going out for a Movie with my Brother. Suddenly Periods (Menses) Start, What should I do?

Periods are a painful time for any girl. For those 5-6 days the life completely changes. There is constant stomach ache, continuous feeling of being wet, hormonal imbalance, weakness and many girls have to face many more complications. Menstrual cycle can start any time. Many a time it starts on fixed part of a month but it can change its timing. It can be early or late or maybe skip a month. There is no warning as to when they may occur. Menstruation should not be treated like some kind of a taboo. No girl should feel embarrassed talking about them. Say you are going for a movie with your brother and your periods (menses) start. What will you do?

Periods Taboo in India

Tell Him

The first step is to straight away; tell him. Stop thinking of indirect ways to tell your brother you are on periods.You should not be embarrassed in telling him about your periods. Instead just go ahead and say to him that “Brother my periods started.” or “Brother I am having a girl problem”.

Trust Him

He is your brother. You have shared all his secrets and told your all secrets with him. Now just because of typical Indian mentality you are feeling ashamed of telling your natural problem with him? That should not be the way. Brother Sister bonding is very special and is much stronger. So just trust this bonding and tell him.

Ask for His Help

Your periods have started. That is going to make a stain visible to all. Now no one carries a pad to movie theatre so what are you going to do? Call a female friend and wait for her which may take hours? Or simply ask your brother to help you. Do not hesitate and think how to tell about periods?

Keep Things Clear

Do not think of “Should I tell my brother I have my periods?” Just simply inform him that your periods started and you need him to get you a packet of pads. If he is an elder brother then he already knows about periods. If he is younger but capable of understanding then simply tell him.

Stay Free

Indian mindset about periods needs to be changed. The mindset which makes it a taboo for a girl to talk about her periods is simply ridiculous. This change has to be brought by the girls only. Girls have to be open minded about this. Periods are natural and they are the process that in future will make a woman into a mother.

Final Say

Brothers have to be supportive too. You should not fell ashamed or hesitate in helping your sister or even talking about it. Everyone should understand that periods is simply a biological process with no relations to Gods or any of the mis-beliefs that are being followed. Break free the rules that the society has set for girls. Only girls can do it.

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