Is it Okay to give Birthday Gifts to Your Ex-girlfriend? If Yes, Why?

Break ups are a part of life. They teach us a lesson and in some way make us better. Now the situation arises what to do with your ex? You can chose to leave that part of your life behind and accept her as your friend and chose to remember the good memories and no the break up. So is it okay to give birthday gifts to your ex-girlfriend? The answer is yes. Sending gifts to ex-girlfriend after breakup is nothing wrong if done with the right intention. This also makes her feel comfortable and both of you are happy. It avoids the situation where if you guys are face to face it would make you uncomfortable. 

Sending Gifts to Ex-girlfriend after Breakup

If you have to be really okay with her then you have to get past the breakup. Do not lose an important person just because of little misunderstanding. This shows the sign of maturity. Also if your friend circle is common your friends do not get divided. It is a win-win situation. So here are some reasons to stay friends with your ex – Ex-girlfriend Birthday Gifts, Wishes, Quotes


As you have already dated so the bonding is already strong. You do not need to open yourself to a stranger and feel uncomfortable about it. This strong bonding makes it okay to buy birthday gifts for ex-girlfriend. You do not lose a girl who understands you.


You already know what your ex-girlfriend is capable of and she knows you. You know that you can still trust her with your secrets. You know that even if you buy birthday presents for your ex-love she would not think of it as a way to get her back. You do not lose a trustable person.


You already know what she likes and she knows what you like. You guys know how to hang out together and now you can have more fun. You can help her checkout guys and she could help you checkout girls. So if you are holding back on wishing her by thinking “Should I give my ex a birthday gift? What will she think?” Then you are losing an awesome friend. You get help to move on and the opportunity to hit on her friends.


You cannot lose her on bad terms because she can spill some beans. She can reveal all your secrets. So sending her a lovely gift can only add to your benefit.So if you are thinking “where to find sweet ideas to give gift to my ex-gf?” there is nothing wrong with it instead that keeps her happy and she stays ‘Shhhhh’.

No Regrets

When you decide to be friends with your ex you are admitting the fact that you have moved past the breakup phase. You are no more hurt. You are capable of just remembering the pleasant moments with her and not the hurting moments. You do not regret being in that relationship anymore and that gives you inner peace.

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