Lesbianism – What the Society thinks about it?

The question has been raised in hundreds of debates in different cultures, religions, countries and all other bodies that our society is formed The answers come from 3 different kinds of mentalities and ideologies: One, who are in support or don’t think lesbianism is wrong, the other mentality is a more aggressive and is aiming for one thing only “we don’t want to listen to anything, it is a curse’. This second kind is the one who is always seen in larger numbers. The third one comprises of the ignorant who think even the debate or having a point of view on this topic is wrong no matter what it leads to.What Society Thinks about Lesbianism

What Society Thinks about Lesbianism?

The actual question is- is it really a question that needs a black & white segregation, in accordance with the social point of view? No, is the answer. It is a choice that is personal just like, anyone being a vegetarian or nonvegetarian, no third person has any right to point a finger at what you enjoy on your plate. Still all around the world, this negative mentality about homosexuality being a curse has been in our society for so long that in the modern times we are not able to approve of it. Today, a lot of educated nations have come out with supporting laws towards the various criminal activities that have taken place against homosexuals. In Africa, the practice of ‘correction rape’ by many older societies must be condemned by every human, no matter what you think about homosexuals.

Homosexuality in Medieval Periods

Even in the medieval period the men were allowed to have a homosexual relation and were not seen as evil or the condemned ones. Many of the great Greek rulers have been noted to have a homosexual reaction in their lifetime – Alexander being the well-known name in this. For men, it was fair, whereas when women practiced it, she was never seen with respect or dignity. If a woman was known to have an attraction towards the same sex she is immediately treated as an outcast in the society. Why are women always bound by the social norms and regulations? Don’t they have an equal right to choose their partner? They also have a right to be happy and decide who to be with.

What does Religionist say about Lesbianism?

The religious bodies all around the world have deemed it as a curse or a sign of the devil. These outdated mindsets and social norms have led to a lot of homosexuals living a life of misery and discontent as they fear of being abolished from society for this. Most of the people see them as a social joke or disgrace. It has to stop. These people are as normal as you and me, the only difference is that they want to have a sexual relationship according to their choice.

What Doctors Say About Lesbianism?

Doctors have said it out loud and clear that it is perfectly a normal thing and not a mental disease. The doctors also stated that the health risk that haunts these couples is that of depression and stress, more than anything else. The factors behind this are obviously social alienation, discrimination, rejection by loved ones, abuse, and violence. The other sexually transmitted diseases are also a topic of concern but the depression takes more lives of this minority of women than other diseases.

The numbers of lesbians and homosexuals around the world are increasing. However, this may be a little alarming issue as many youngsters are adopting this lifestyle just for the sake of experimenting. It has been reported that in such cases the depression and stress levels are really high and some of them are leading to suicide or total social disconnect. This experimental behavior is not right. It should be something coming from your inner self and your body & mind should feel great about this lifestyle.

Does Lesbianism Prevail in Medieval Time?

Another point of view is that earlier such relations were hidden and never came out in the picture but now due to a little increase in social acceptance, the things are not generally hidden. This has made a lot of individuals to come out and tell that they have same sex sexual attractions. In U.S. alone, more than 30% of the population accepted of being in a same sex relation after the acceptance of lesbianism by Federal Government. The survey has now helped in lowering the cases of violence and bullying towards such individuals by others. It should be a global effort to make it possible that people of same sex should not be abused in any way and treated as equals in society.

As a society, we should start by at least looking towards the people who are lesbian and homosexuals with a mutual respect. Those who are open about talking on this topic should try and have some hearty talks with the lesbian couple or individuals to give them a social connect and happiness they deserve. A lot of help groups have now taken the initiative to counsel such individuals. The first initiative though is in hands of the parents. The cases of children being disowned by families in such cases are regular. This has to stop, as it is the first seed of depression that stays with homosexuals all their life and keeps hurting them over and over again.

We should move towards making a better society where all individuals are seen according to their behavior and intellect and not the sexual preferences they make.

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