6 Must Know Reasons Why Woman Dump Man They Love

A lot of times it is seen that a relationship gets over because of some of the prominent habits or behavior of the man in relationships. We might try and avoid these behavioral traits however it might not always possible to neglect these traits. In such cases, the relationships end up being broken. So, in case you love your partner know some of the reasons why women tend to dump men and avoid giving these reasons to your lady? It is always better to take precautions beforehand in order to prevent any regrets later.

Why Women Usually Dump Men they Love

Here, we have listed some of the main reasons why women dump men. These reasons are generally the red flags in a relationship. Avoid or kill these reasons if you don’t want to end up being single.Reasons Why Women Dump Men She Loves

He’s moody

Some days he’s going to be all goody good while the other days he’ll be rude as hell. This might leave the women confused about his behavior. They might not be able to understand his real self because they switch gears too often. Often it is said that women are the moody sex but there are plenty of guys who are often uncertain about their feelings. They don’t know whether they want the relationship or not. This makes them moody and unsure about their partner. If you’re naturally moody you might speak about it openly to your partner so that they don’t get offensive in case you shout or get rude when you’re in a bad mood. In case you refuse to talk about your problem and keep your women confused then be ready to see the relationship ending soon enough.

Bad on Bed

Women love and enjoy sex as much as men. They want a partner who is experimental and is capable of trying out new positions and creating new fantasies. You might be a newbie. However, it is okay to fumble and get sloppy in the initial days of a relationship but if you are perpetually bad the woman would remain unsatisfied and might be turned off by you. To avoid such a situation, you might

  1. Keep yourself fit and flexible
  2. Take the opinion of the women. Ask her what moves she likes and go with the flow
  3. Don’t try to act macho
  4. Enjoy the moment and don’t try too hard to impress your partner
  5. Neither be too rough nor be too slow.

In most cases, women won’t talk to you directly about it as they don’t want to offend you but if you pay closer attention to her you’ll understand if she’s enjoying sex with you or not.

He’s a Caveman

Nothing irritates a woman more than a boring male. Many times it is seen that some men never initiate a conversation or when they respond you as well it is in monosyllables. This will make the woman feel that the man is either distracted or not interested in a conversation with her. It is okay that you do not like communicating on phone or texts but why make things obvious about it? Learn to speak, tell your lady about the little things. In other words initiate a communication, make her feel alive and important. In case, you do not talk too much, a woman might even feel that you do not trust her enough to talk about your life and discuss things with her.

He lies

Lies will any day screw a relationship. Women have this sixth sense that makes them analyze when a man is lying to her. So avoid lies completely. Many men lie in order to avoid fights and drama but have you ever thought that these lies will create a bigger fight when your partner actually comes to know the truth. Speak the truth and gently try making your partner understand about things that went wrong.

He’s with his friends all the time

Men enjoy the most with their boy gangs. They believe that they can be their own self when they are with their boyfriends. However, a woman would not like you spending too much time with your friends and neglecting her completely. If you even want to meet your friends and spend time with them be sure you spend the equal or more time with your girlfriend. That way she’ll be satisfied and will have no reason to fight with you.

He works too much

Yes, men, women love ambitious and focused men. However, if you keep yourself slogging too much and have no time to celebrate any big occasions or even get a day off to spend with your girlfriend, she is automatically going to be badly pissed. So, try and work out a right balance between your personal and professional life. Woman demand your time. So, every once in a while do make it a point to celebrate and spend time with your lady love if you don’t want to end up being a loner. Never make her feel that you love your job more than you love her.

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