Is your Husband having an Affair? 8 Signs of a Cheating Husband

Men are known to possess a lot of common traits no matter in which part of the world they belong. One such common but ugly trait is infidelity. We all have seen that this is something that is not common in any particular kind of group. Several film stars and sportsmen have come out to be cheating on their spouses. The ladies have a lot of ways to know that whether their husbands or boyfriends are cheating or not. While the signs are not very obvious and easily noticeable, still if you try, you can find out if he is truthful to you or not.

8 Signs of a Cheating Husband/Boyfriend

It is very important for you to understand that you must read it further only if you have a doubt on your husband or else you might just end up spying him for no reason. The best way to catch him is to study his behavior. Let’s take a brief look at several different changes that you can easily spot if he is cheating.Must Know 8 Signs of a Cheating Husband

His Appearance is a bit different

If nowadays your man is looking a lot different than usual and grooms himself up better than earlier then it can be something more than just peppy mood swings. Experts have said that when a man alters his clothing style drastically or works on maintaining his appearance or body shape for no known reason, it may be possible that he is having an affair. It can be very easy to notice as it will not be a one day show and rather you will observe him doing something new and different everyday so as to impress the new lady around him.

His Attitude towards You Changes

Men are prone to more mood swings than women. It is really not known sometimes with men when they get angry. The most common reason for sudden rage is when they need to be in two places at one time. They will not be able to devote time to either properly. It can be work stress as well. But then if it is now a normal day to day thing then it maybe because of new love angle in his life. If the other lady is demanding more of his time then he will surely try to cut you off. He will start fighting over stuff that earlier were never a problem. Criticism and comparison will be more in every argument for no logical reasons.


Emotional distances will surely increase when he is not interested in you anymore. He will stop sharing his stuff with you and won’t bother about you problems and talks as well. It is the most common giveaway but usually smarter men are able to balance between both the ladies. It is important that you try to talk things out and ask him about his problems. If you repeatedly get the same answer or he stretches it into a fight, then things may be going in the wrong direction.

Guilty Behavior

Guilty ridden behavior is also a common observation in cheating men. They will become more flattering and loving than usual. It is more often to blindfold you and keep you in a myth that everything is fine or rather better. It is always a red alert if the behavior is sudden and is due to no specific reasons. Though don’t go far away on the spy meter as he may be genuinely showering that love. So be a little discreet.

You Never See Him Anymore

If suddenly he is no more to be seen on time or rather not at all sometimes, then there are high risks of infidelity heading your way. If he is coming late and is taking a lot of business trips then you may have something to worry. All family men are not able to take out time for their wife and the other woman but they will surely take out time by going on such non-existent ‘business’ trips. Check with the office if he is true or not but again be cautious he should not know about it.

Unavailable or Unreachable Phone

Phones are modern inventions that can surely be helpful for you to determine whether he is loyal or not. If his phone is often out of reach or switched off these days it is possible that he is going to some private meetings that are not good for you. Usually the best way to get an affirmative is his response when he picks up the call. If his answer is about the same every time this happens, then you should be a little concerned as there is going to be trouble stepping in your paradise.

He is Different in Bed

If your man is showing a lack of interest in sex or even romance then also there are chances of infidelity. He will start being unromantic with you and avoid making love. He will be interested in little or no action in bed. It is a very affirmative sign if medically he is normal and not stressed out.

Defensive Replies

When a man starts being over defensive and is always counter questioning your every question then also it is a red alert. Men mostly try to avoid any questions for which they have to lie or manipulate. He will try to overpower you and will be angry on your questions. This behavior is seen in almost all the men who are cheating their wife or girlfriends. It is usually better to take a serious look towards such behavior.

The Last Words

Now before you ladies start your brain engines and investigate the changes you have been observing, please read a little further. It is not necessary that if these changes are there, then he would be cheating on you. A lot of times men do suffer from mid-age crisis where these traits are common. If your sex life has always been a little sloppy and he has always preferred his laptop over romance then there is no need to worry probably. If your good romantic life is suddenly facing these bumps and he has been dressing up lately in those designer suits he never wore in the past, then definitely you should be ready to bounce back and take action. Hope we have helped you enough.

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