6 Things All Men Wants from Women in a Relationship

Men are always reluctant to share what they want or expect from a relationship. Social conditioning and their inability to communicate about what they need are to be blamed for him. Men are so hardwired that they keep on silently suffering when their emotional needs are not met by their partners or anyone they are emotionally attached to. So we thought of bringing out those poor men from this emotional misery and help all the ladies to know their men in a better way and thereby fulfill their man’s emotional needs.

What Men Look for in a Partner in a Relationship?

Love helps the couples to bond over and fill the gap that they have been trying to cope with in their relationship. It is time to put aside all the fights and arguments you two were having and get back together to have a better life. Here are some of the things that men want in a relationship.6 Things All Men Want from Women in a Relationship

Praise and Approval

The male ego is really tender and is very easy to puncture. Men are no different from women when it comes to the need of reassurance about themselves, their career paths, attractiveness and obviously their sexual prowess, lot of other things are also there which may indeed vary from one person to another. In an experimental survey, a lot of men were interviewed and asked few questions.

These questions were so well designed that men talked about their emotional needs not being fulfilled. Most men answered that their partners never asked them about what they feel and their emotional needs. It is true that men need fewer praises and even feels shy when you will shower a lot of praise altogether. So all the ladies now don’t hold back and start praising your man about his personality. Tell him exactly what you like about him. Let him know how you feel when he does certain special things for you. Try it and he will surely come out as an even better man.


In a male perspective respecting someone is equivalent to loving that person. If he has a feeling or develops a feeling that you disapprove of his various aspects such as career, work, appearance or anything else related to him as an individual, he will surely think that you don’t love him. The thought process is very simple yet very strong. They believe in it very strongly and thereby you may see a lot of reactions if he builds up this thought process. He will eventually distance himself from you, which is not good if you really love him. So go and discuss what you like about him and tell him that you don’t disapprove of any of the things related to him.

Sexual Connection

Male and Female ways of connecting are a little different although both of them connect best with sex but women also seem to give an emphasis on verbal communication. It does not mean that to connect with your man you have to take him to the bed every day.

Sometimes they may bond over with a conversation initiated with a little sexual indication. So, to all the female readers, if he is reaching out to you on the bed, even showing a willingness to kiss him or embracing him tightly will be enough to ensure him that you love him.

Often this happens that rather than showing this little gesture of love, ladies start the verbal communication and this is what that leads to a man showing disinterest in their talk. So your partner is not a sex hungry lunatic, it is just that he loves to bond over.  In case you want a hearty conversation to start it when you’re both in a romantic embrace.

Emotional Intimacy

It is our social structure that has made our men be so hard on them. A man cannot be weak and certainly not cry or show his weakness even when deeply affected by something. It is perceived as “weakness” and their manhood is then questioned at every point. A man can show these wounds to his partner, though, if the two bond very well he can easily show her how much he is affected by a certain issue.

Just as women may take time in opening up sexually in a relation, men are also doing the same thing when it comes to some emotional issues. He needs to make sure if he cries in front of you, then you will be able to handle it or not. The best way here to help him open up is being a calm and patient listener. If there is any misunderstanding between the two, you can consult to experts for relationship advice to maintain a healthy relationship. Also, never dig into his past.


It is a universal truth that in the masculine world men do want to spend a good portion of their time apart from their partners whereas in a female world they want to spend all the time with their partners. There is no perfect balance to be found here. Sadly, this is the biggest cause for some relations to fall apart. All you ladies, Beware! Suffocating a man and not allowing him to go out with his mates in free time is the best way to end any relationship.

Men need a breathing room in a relationship. They need time for the hobbies, time with their buddies, and time to work on any some stupid garage project to feel fulfilled. Ladies will obviously in a situation of crises, bring in a whole crowd to discuss and solve the problem. Whereas for men this habit of calling the whole tribe for a problem is not considered right, they want to be left alone in such situation in order to think about it. So let him roam a little, let him breathe and don’t keep tightening the noose or else he will surely end up doing something that is not good for both of you.


Men are just as a female when it comes to the attendance of a sense of security. They want your approval on every small detail of their life and only then they will get involved in a serious relationship. You must approve of his career, goals in life etc. They want you to trust them at all times. It is not just about the sense of security that you will never leave them but also that over time, your approval might not change into a dedicated argument. So a man always looks into the aspect of security as well.

The Last Words

We are sure all our female readers will be overwhelmed by the results they will be seeing if they keep these things in mind. The men are not always the Hercules which society wants them to be always, acting like. Try to bring out your real man and embrace him in all the love and he will surely be yours for life.

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