Top 5 Best Eid Celebration Ideas with Your Family: Make this Eid Special

India is country with diverse religions and their beliefs. Here all religions are respected and all festivals are celebrated with same enthusiasm. One of such important festival is Eid. The festival of Eid is the festival of happiness. It teaches you to laugh and love. Two major types of Eid are celebrated. They have many names but mostly they are known as Eid al Fitr festival (the festival of breaking fast) and Eid al Adha festival (the festival of sacrifice).Best Eid Celebration Ideas with your Family

How to Celebrate Eid with your Loved Ones: Top 5 Ideas

Eid festival celebration in India is on a huge scale. With the rise in brotherhood and peace between people, now no festival is only theirs or only ours. All festivals are ‘OURS’. Both festivals include prayer and charity towards the less fortunate and also it is an occasion for celebrating with friends and family. So here are top 5 Eid celebration ideas with your family –

Go to an Old Age Home

Celebrate Eid with family by buying sweets for them or going for shopping but do not forget that there are few people with no families. On such pious festival everyone should feel happy. So simply buy some sweets or make some Siwayian and make sure that no one feels alone.

Family comes First

Sometimes we get so busy earning for our family that we forget to give them time. This Eid simply be with your family for the whole day. Teach your children or grandchildren importance of Eid. Cook with your life partner. Give some time to your parents. Eat with them. Eid celebration at home starts with you.

Forgive and Forget

Eid cannot be complete if you hold a grudge against a family member or family. This time, be the kind-hearted person and forget the mistakes made by your loved ones. Eid is meant to bring joy & happiness, and without your loved ones near you there can be no joy.

Go to an Orphanage

As Eid is a festival of happiness then every child deserves it. I know not all families are rich. So do the charity according to your budget. Those who are rich enough go to orphanages with sweets and new clothes. Nothing would make Allah happier than to see his special children are being taken care of. Those who are not so rich simply cook a decent meal and distribute it in small quantities amongst the children with love and care. It is the best way to celebrate Eid. This also makes your children realize the importance of things they have and make them thankful towards Allah for providing all that they have.

Celebrate Eid with Poor People

Give Out to the Poor

If you are comfortable in your house and celebrating Eid happily with your family then consider yourself blessed. You should thank Allah to have given you enough. There are some less fortunate than you. So now this is your moral duty to make someone smile. It is not easy to make everyone happy but if you just are able to feed one poor person and make that person smile then your Eid is complete.

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