Top 5 Useful Saree Wearing Tips for Short Height Girls: Drape Saree Perfectly

Saree is one of the most ethnic and most beautiful parts of our Indian tradition. Every girl desires to look beautiful in a Saree. Looking beautiful and elegant in a Saree is no easy task. You have to choose a perfect Saree for your body type so that instead of looking beautiful and elegant you do not end up looking clumsy.Saree Wearing Tips for Short Height Girls

Easy Tips for Short Height Women to Drape a Saree

Choosing a right Saree is a major issue for short height women. You have to for right Saree so that it suits you and you do not look like you just have wrapped a curtain around you. So, here are top 5 useful Saree wearing tips for short height girls.

No Big Prints

If you are short that does not mean you cannot look beautiful in a Saree. The most basic rule is to avoid a Saree with big prints and heavy border as they tend to make you look shorter. Go for either small prints or for plain Saree with a thin and dark color border. Drape Saree perfectly to avoid any clumsy look.

Go for Vertical Stripes

Easy tips for short girls to wear a Saree includes this as a major rule. Always go for thin vertical stripes and neither horizontal stripes nor broad stripes. Vertical stripes make you look taller. So it’s better for you to buy vertical striped Saree or Polycotton Saree with vertical stripes pattern on it.

Blouse Saree Combination

Be very careful of the type of blouse you wear as that can also either enhance your appearance or ruin the day for you. A perfect Blouse – Saree combination can do the deal for you. If you are a little chubby the go for full sleeves blouse. Maybe try net as that hides the fat and makes you look elegant. Your blouse too should avoid big prints and horizontal stripes.

Pin up Your Pallu

Your Pallu also decides your look for you. Ways to wear Saree for short height girls are many but Pallu should be smartly used. Always pin up your Pallu and do not leave it simply hanging. Open Pallu can seem to appear as if it is too much for you so pin up your Pallu. But be sure to not to pin it up too tight. Keep it a little loose.

Accessories, Petticoat and Heels

It is very important to get all of these right. Always go for a slim fit petticoat. When choosing accessories always choose little lighter ones as they enhance your look. Avoid heavy jewelry. Go for long danglers and no neck piece, bangles with medium kada. Definitely, go for heels but be sure that the Saree covers at least half of them. If too much of heels are visible then draws the attention to the fact that you are short and that is why you are wearing such long heels. Drape a Saree to look slim and you are good to go.

Final Words

Height is just a matter of thinking as everyone is beautiful in this world. No height and no skin tone can define beauty. Even short height girls or women look so much cute and pretty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so don’t go towards others opinions. Be proud of what you are and how you are.

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