15 Warning Signs That You are in an Abusive Relationship with a Guy

It is never planned whether you want to be in an abusive relationship or not. Moreover, many women don’t really know that they’re getting themselves into an abusive relationship. However, it is seen quite often that woman who escape from abusive relationship end up into another abusive relationship. What’s sad and upsetting is that a woman generally doesn’t walk out immediately after the first encounter of violence. Statistics have proved that it takes up to 7 signs of violence for a woman to choose to leave the abuser.

How to find you are in an Abusive Relationship?

What I don’t understand is that why do woman even let this roll in a vicious circle? You should be emotionally and mentally strong to walk out of abusive relationship. The more important thing is, why even get into an abusive relationship? There are some signs and signals that will assure that the relationship that you’re getting into is going to be a potentially abusive one. It is important for a woman to identify these signs and signals in order to avoid getting into an abusive relationship. Here in this article, we have come up with few signs of a potentially abusive partner or relationship. It is important for woman to take note of these signs in order to keep themselves safe and happy.Man Harassing a Woman Physically

He pushes Immediate Commitment

When you meet a guy and he immediately showcases keen involvement and says things like, ‘I have never felt the way, I feel with you’ then there is definitely something to be wary about. Many times, you might have even been pressurized to get into an immediate commitment just after a few meetings.

He is Way too Jealous

Jealousy is good if it is in appropriate quantity. However, if your partner is overly jealous and tries to control your every action or move then sure there is a problem on the board. The immediate signs of jealousy can be seen from his actions such as he calls too much, asks too many questions, restricts you from going out or visits unexpectedly.

He is Controlling

If a guy tries to control your every action or comes across as way too dominating and controlling then he’s surely not the one. Demanding for your alternate keys, checking mileage of your vehicle, tracking your phone calls, keeping a track of your call logs and SMS logs are some of the signs that he’s extremely controlling and dominating.

Unrealistic Expectations

He holds unrealistic expectations like making you quit your job for him or asking you to leave your city for him or anything similar then there are chances that you’re putting yourself into an abusive relationship.

There is Isolation

He tries to cut your private time with family, friends, and relatives and puts you in a complete isolation. You might find yourself talking to him even if you don’t feel like talking at that moment.

Blame Game

He would either blame it on you or some third person – boss, family, friend, etc for anything done wrong to you.

He makes everyone else responsible for his actions

Is he upset? It is his job! Is he angry? It is a family issue. There will always be somebody to blame for his feelings.

He’s Hypersensitive

He gets offended easily or he takes just simple things as a personal insult.

He’s cruel to Animals and Children

Often the men who are abusive and practice violence in a relationship have a special hatred for animals and children. They do not think twice before hitting a child or throwing stones at the animal. He may even exploit kids and animals.

He is ruff while Having Sex

He might be rough while having sex. He might be hard to you and might hit you or spank you with an intention to hurt you. He might even throw you down or hold you without your consent. He might even engage you or fantasize to engage you in sex with a stranger or a third party. He might even speak about his rape fantasies.

He is Abusive and says Cruel Things

Often a partner, who abuses, says cruel and upsetting things or degrades you or calls you by ugly names. He might even say some vulnerable and sensitive things about your past.

Gender Biased

He expects you to obey him and be at his service every time.

He has Mood Swings

You’ll see sudden mood swings in his behavior. One moment he’ll be angry and upset whereas the other moment he’ll be all lovey dovey and romantic.

He has a Sour Past

He might have admitted of having beaten his past girlfriends or partners. Despite beating them in the past, he would say it was their mistake and they provoked him.   

He must Have threat you of Violence

Often he must have said evil statements such as, “Shut up or I’ll kill you” or “One more word and you’re dead.” These are not just regular statements but signs that there must be worse awaited from his side.

The Last Words

Above, we have listed 15 important signs that show that a relationship which you’re getting into is a potentially abusive relationship. It is strictly advisable to keep yourself away from such relationships.

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