Why do Some People Choose to Remain Single in Life – Liberating, but not Lonely

Being in a relationship is good but being single is absolutely great. There are some people who are single because they chose to be that way. It is not a problem or a defect it is a choice: A well thought after personal choice. It maybe, that some people are not ready to invest their time in a serious relationship at a particular stage or point of life. Others might be single just because of few circumstances and instances from the past. Chances are they must have had a really bad break-up that might have shaken their faith in relationships or they might have simply not find a person compatible enough to be in a relationship.

Why do People choose to remain Single in Life?

The objective of this article is not to stereotype anyone’s personal choice rather just dig out few reasons why despite the advancing age people are not ready to commit and dedicate their life to someone. Let’s find out few common reasons because of which people (both men and women) choose to remain single or fear the stigma attached to being in a relationship.Why Men & Women Choose to remain Single in Life


There are bounties of us who have been hurt and broken in the past. This pain and agony that accumulates over a couple of years tend to build up bitterness against interpersonal relationships amongst people. We tend to put walls around us as or have an imaginary filter before we let anyone enter our lives. This wall might have been built ever since our childhood days in case we have seen broken or abusive marriages of our parents or relatives. There is this fear of relationship that is created in our mind that restricts us from getting into any relationship.

Conclusively, we might be too rigid and tend to write off people from our lives easily. You might be cold to people and begin to be suspicious of anybody from the opposite sex if they try and show some affection or love to you. The idea of love might disgust or irritate you.

Unhealthy Attractions

There are people who face repetitive rejections in life. This might shake up their confidence and they might end up believing that relationship is just not for them. Some people might be too impulsive to switch from one relationship to another relationship, one after the other and not give themselves enough time to figure out what goes wrong with every relationship of theirs. Thus, every relationship is a new rebound. This is the biggest mistake some people do and end up being used and heartbroken. After a point, their faith and belief in relationships would be shaken and they would choose to remain single in order to avoid any mistakes or heartbreaks in the future.

Fear of Intimacy

Ever since we were kids we have created a fantasy world of love around us. However, when we actually grow up, the real love that we experience bursts the bubble of fantasies. There might be people who might have experienced some negative encounters with regard to intimacy and conclusively certain fears with regards to the intimacy might stem up in the brain of the individual. This might prevent them from getting into a relationship just to avoid any kind of intimacy with a person from opposite sex. People have a notion that intimacy is a part of a relationship and there is a requirement of intimacy to advance the relationship to a further stage. To avoid all this, they completely choose to avoid the relationship and opt for staying single.


Many-a-times people have their own share of bad experiences based on which they get picky and judgmental even when choices of relationships are concerned. This behavior might even be driven by the fact that the individual has either been deceived in the past or has been rejected a couple of times. People who are scared of relationships often are too picky and judge every small detail about a person just from the moment they meet them. Moreover, they even have unrealistic expectations from their partner which are hard to meet. Such people are mostly insecure and are never able to maintain a relationship. They have an eagle eye for every action of their partner due to which they might get dumped a large number of times. This repetitive failure might make people apprehensive about relationships.

Low Self Esteem

People expect a relationship and a partner that is fulfilling and capable of giving them happiness. However, many-a-times people are extremely low on self-esteem that they desire something but never try to work on achieving that thing. Low esteem generally leads to a lower self-confidence due to which people are unable to open up about their feelings to their partners. In many cases, it is essential for a person to express their feelings to the guy/girl they feel the love for. However, due to low self-confidence and low esteem they never are able to express their emotions to the person they love. Thus, they end up being single and lonely forever.

Fear of Competition

In some cases, we might like a person however due to less confidence we might not go ahead and tell them. We might be in a fix that they look so much better than us and so they deserve a lot better than us. Thus in case we find someone else interested in the person we like we’ll immediately choose to back off. This is largely because of the fear of competition. People have this notion that if a person looks or is better than you then they might get or deserve somebody better. Thus, they fear that even if they get into a relationship if their partner encounters somebody better they might get driven towards them and dump you. Thus, they choose to rather remain single.

Last Say

Above, we have listed 6 major reasons why people choose to avoid relationships and remain single. Thus, in case you find any of the reason in you then you must work for this reason and try and eliminate this reason.

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