Why don’t Indian Girls walk around the Beaches in India wearing Bikinis? Top 5 Reasons

India is the land where women are given the position of goddess and in the same India where they face sex discrimination every day. The biggest controversy in our country is what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for girls to wear in our country? In today’s world where every human being has the right to choose what to wear, women in India still face many problems for their choices.

Can Indian Girl wear a Bikini on Beaches?

Weirdest thing is though that women from foreign lands can comfortably wear modern clothes like bikini in our country and are safe and on the same beach if Indian girls roam in bikinis they face molestation or verbal abuse.

Indian Mentality on wearing Bikinis, Feminist Dress Code Images, HD Wallpapers

If some known watches me (Kisi Janne wale ne Dekh lia toh)?

The biggest concern for any girl is that what if someone who knows her sees her like that? Thanks to Indian mentality girls are more concerned about relatives or neighbors than about their own family. All that gossip they spread around, the judgments they pass over you and when all that reaches your family in completely twisted way, nothing can be worse.


Many Indians are still uneducated. So in the name of Indian rituals and traditions they still follow many misbeliefs. Biggest amongst them is that women should always be covered. They still believe in pallu system. Females should even cover their faces and in front of these people the talk about bikinis is like giving them a heart attack.

Eve Teasing

One of the most common of problems in India that women face is eve teasing. Indian girls on beaches wearing bikinis already know this very well. Constant staring, being followed, vulgar comments, deliberately trying to make any physical contact are just few amongst the line of horrors. Any girl would want to avoid that. Eve teasing still exists because half the girls just ignore it and the few who dare to answer back many a time find no support. Instead people blame them for wearing such clothes.

Judgmental Thinking

People who have nothing better to do will go around passing their judgments on others. When someone tries to fight back they are said to be showing feminism. When Indian girls wearing bikinis are seen they are directly considered prostitutes. It is directly assumed that they are doing this to show off their bodies to men and they are in desperate need of attention.


The biggest stereotype is that only women with good figure can wear bikinis. Many of healthy girls are just thinking “Can I wear a bikini on Indian beaches?” Women from different countries are comfortable in wearing bikinis no matter their size. While here in India figure is what decides whether or not you should wear a bikini and not the person’s choice.

Women it is your body, so only you can decide what do you want to wear? So is it right to wear a bikini on beaches in India is a question that only you can answer.”

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