Why Living Together with Your Partner is Good before Marriage: Top 6 Reasons

Marriage is an irrevocable and irreversible change in our lives that ushers in a plethora of joy and surprise. Most of us fantasize different dreams about our married life and partner and tend to set high standards for the special one with whom we decide to walk the rest of our lives. Love marriages witness a good understanding between the couples since they spend some good amount of time prior getting hitched while arrange a marriages come across as destined decision. It is the changing times and modern unimaginable problems make us wonder if living together with our partner before marriage a good idea.

The Changing Times Influencing our Lives

Previously our society considered marriage the ultimate scared relationship between two people which can never be abandoned. However with changing times people have broken the pious vows to free themselves from the undesirable knot. Relations have fallen apart due to misunderstandings and lack of patience. Two people of complete nature and outlook have failed to adjust leading to failures. Also many instances of arrange marriages have turned into duping and cheating leading to a disastrous end.

Hence, sharing a shelter prior marriage will irrefutably help us to know the person better and develop an affinity. The vanities involved will be easily revealed and the two can easily decide if their choice is worth the whole life. The reasons for living together with your partner before marriage is extremely advantageous are mentioned below.Couples Living Together before Marriage Pros and Cons, Statistics

Adjustment Issues

A person can understand or get some idea of their partner’s way of living and decide is he or she is ready for the change to adapt to the new adjustments. Minor issues of adjustments and issues of open mindedness vs narrow mindedness between the two will easily dissolve if you know your partner before marriage. The cohabitation can greatly help to fight the adjustment conflict and develop a better understanding. No one will be shocked with each one’s habits after marriage.

Overcome the Shyness

Arrange marriages often lead to two strangers getting married without each one having the slightest idea about each other. Girls tend to be shy while boys can turn out reserved too which may lead to less interactions post marriage that lowly leads to distance and bitterness in the relationships. Staying together becomes one of the significant relationship tips for couples to overcome this level of shyness and be free and open to the new future and a new person.

Getting Accustomed

If we decide to share a room or house with our partner we are more likely to spend most of our time with them. It starts from sharing the morning tea to the goodnight brushing of teeth where the two comes across of their habits and way of living life. Even in affairs people know the traits only that are publicly exposed but staying together can highlight the tiniest of all issues which can be a concern in married life. Hence it is an important marriage advice for couples that will help them get accustomed to the new life and routine which is an amalgamation of both the girl and boy’s daily schedule.

Better Understanding

It has been noticed that most cases of failed arranged and love marriages are due to in compatibility and lack of understanding. Staying together will bridge the gap of thoughts between the future soul-mates. It will help them know their partner better inside and out and thus develop a staunch understanding emotionally. Live-in relationships benefit a long journey of marriage as it leaves no space for misunderstanding and incompatibility. A live-in relationship prior marriage with your fiancé is bound to reveal the deepest secrets and often the hidden lies which makes it easy to decide if the relationship is worthy of the lifetime journey.

Lesser Chances of being cheated on

Live-in relationships have their own sets of pros and cons. You can come to know the hidden disasters and simultaneously share a better understanding. It is much similar to the flip sides of a coin having its own share of advantages of living together without marriage. There is lesser probability of being duped in future since it reveals personality traits that can indicate such betrayals.

Develop an Emotional Bond

Some people appear tough from their mere performance but are likely to be extremely sensitive and soft within. If you move in together before getting engaged you shall also get a chance to know the person in a way you wouldn’t in other circumstances. You can familiarize with the person’s mind and gentle thoughts and slowly develop a staunch inclination and emotion which will strengthen the relationship. Hence development of emotions and affections happen in a better way when you share your days and nights together.

These are the top 6 factors that are extremely significant to keep a marriage going till the last breath. Living together before marriage is an easy way to achieve them.

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