6 Things Man Must Not Tell a Woman During a Fight – Beware!!!

Women are generally short-tempered and when they are already agitated with something, they’re bound to freak out at you. Many-a-times, this shouting and arguing that you receive from a woman is no rhyme or reason. There might be situations where you would have said something nice or probably sweet but in turn you’ll find out that you have left her offended and infuriated. Thus, men face couple of problems when it comes to dealing with woman.Man Fighting with Woman Images

Things a Man must not tell woman during a Fight

Every relationship has its own share of fights and arguments. However, there are few things that you should never tell a woman when you already have had a fight with her. Read below, to find out what these phrases are.

No-No Phrase 1: Relax

The first logical thing that men say to a woman who is freaking out is, ‘Relax.’ However, women find it to be the stupidest thing ever. When a woman is infuriated never ever tell her to relax. This might add to her anger and she might simply go mad at you. Meaning your ‘relax’ which was supposed to have a calming effect will indeed have a negative effect on her. When you tell a woman to relax she feels that what’s troubling her is not really an issue for you. She might even feel that you find her crazy and cranky. According to experts, instead of relax, if you say, ‘Babe, I am just as sad about it as you are. Why not deal with it together?’ it will have a better impact on females. This will comfort her and make her feel that you genuinely care.

No-No Phrase 2: I love you

In case you have had a fight with your partner and then you end up saying, ‘I love you’ she’ll feel upset and agitated. Normally I love you resolves all the problems however, if you say it in a situation after fight then, your partner will feel that you’re saying it simply to avoid her agony and pain. You simply want to cut down the argument by this. When you do that woman feel that you don’t allow her to voice her opinion and try and overpower her opinion with you, ‘I love you.’ According to experts, before you say I love you after a fight you must apologize and accept your mistake. Like if you say, ‘I am sorry I did wrong but you know I didn’t mean to hurt you.’

No-No Phrase 3: It’s up to you

Every relationship requires decisions to be taken. There are minor decisions like, ‘where to go, where to eat, where to go on vacations, what to cook for dinner?’ Woman demand your suggestions in every little thing they decide. However, if you keep on saying it is up to you to your wife or girlfriend she’ll feel as if you don’t really care. Keep an open ear to her and help her decide these minor things. When you say, ‘It’s up to you’ to a woman she feels left out and abandoned. According to experts if you say something like, ‘You can go with A or B but C is definitely something I don’t like’, this will strengthen her faith in you and she’ll realize that you pay due attention to her when she speaks.

No-No Phrase 4: You knew I was this way when you married me

Like seriously? This is an obvious forbidden thing to tell your woman during a fight. This is not an argument to dismiss your mistake. Even when she did know about your shortcoming still she expected you to change after marriage. If you cannot change this habit of yours at least don’t repeat that same mistake over and over again. When you say this, women take it as, ‘Cut the crap, I won’t change.’ See it is okay even if you change or don’t change however if you make it evident that you won’t change, all through your life then you’re definitely going to make her very upset. According to experts, if you say something like, ‘I know it bothers you and I am trying to change this habit of mine. Please forgive me one last time.’

No-No Phrase 5: You say nothing

Sometimes, men are just afraid to say anything so they choose to be quiet. You might think that if you keep your mouth shout she’ll be okay, so you might just not say anything. This is an absolute forbidden thing to do. When you say nothing, she would feel that you don’t care at all. You’re absolutely not bothered about the fact that she’s upset or unhappy with you. Thus, avoid not saying anything after a fight. Staying mum is a strict no-no. Say comforting things to sooth her and finish the fight. According to experts, if you say nothing while she’s cribbing she would believe that you’re uninterested in her and are not listening to her at all. The better thing would be to calm her down and apologize right away.

No-No Phrase 6: You are just like your father or mother

Now, this statement is not just rude but also very offensive. It is not like that you’re insulting her you’re even insulting her family. Never ever say something like this. One, she is already pissed with you. Two, when you say this you’re making things worse between the two of you. Nobody, not even you, would like anybody belittling your parents. So, why do you expect her to take that from you? According to experts, you should never involve other person’s family in the fight, neither physically or verbally. Even if the reason behind the fight is a family issue still it is advisable to keep the family out of it.

The Last Words

A relationship between a man and a woman is a sensitive one. Though the relationship is nourished and grows over the years, however, there are some things that don’t turn up as planned. This happens because we don’t know enough about our partners. This is the reason why we end up pushing the wrong buttons at the wrong times. The wrong time here is the time just after or during the fight. The wrong buttons here are the phrases that you blurt out of your mouth when you are already having a fight with your lady love. Above we have mentioned top 6 phrases that you must never ever say to your girlfriend or wife during (or immediately after) a fight. Every time you say either of the above-mentioned statements you not only upset her but also aggravate the fight between the two of you.

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