Does Premarital Sex Affects the Future Relationships – Impacts of Sex before Marriage

The modern lifestyle and culture are a little different from older times. Now the majority of youngsters have done sex in teenage or early twenties. It is not possible for today’s generation to keep the physical intimacy out of their lives until the time they are bounded in a relation of a lifetime. The topic of sex and the open minded outlook has changed our culture so drastically that youngsters can discuss these matters with their parents as well. Still, apart from the social and the religious norms which are not supportive of premarital sex, it has some of the effects that can open your mind and change the way you see this topic. Though it is not a wrong or a sin, still some of the emotional consequences that you can see in the life due to pre marital sex are mentioned in this post.Sex Before Marriage

In teenage years, however, the sexual curiosity of both boys and girls is very high. The hormonal changes in their bodies push them to explore the unexplored areas and experiences they crave. Due to a lot of reasons, casual sex is becoming more and more prevalent in the young age. They meet, they have sex, and then they forget. They claim to move over such experiences and call them a part of life. But is it actually the way it happens?

The Impacts of Pre-marital Sex on Relationships

Although many would suggest that having sex before marriage is actually going to help you perform better when you have it with your life partner. The results of a new study have shown a whole lot different result on this issue. Let’s have a look at these problems.


Sexuality is the major booster for attachments. It is proven by science and even common sense will tell you so that after a sexual encounter the two individuals feel more attached and responsible towards each other. But in modern times, due to increased stress levels and different lifestyle challenges, relationships are not surviving as long as they did in the past. Now in such cases where one has done sex with multiple partners, it is very likely that you may feel attached to all of them in some way or other.

These encounters may lead you towards a delusion where you won’t be able to settle for one mate as you are still fighting from your past. It becomes really difficult for the individual to settle down in life. It can even lead to a troubled marriage. In a study conducted in U.S., where a lot of broken marriages were those, where one or both the partners were involved in premarital sex.

Comparison is not Right

It is very normal that you will end up comparing your new partner to someone from the past. This comparison can be intentional or unintentional as every person is of different body type and you may experience different comfort level with them during sex. Even if the experience that you had is a little low on pleasure even then you may end up comparing the two individuals. It may affect your sexual life with your spouse in initial days.

If the experiences of past are better than what you are presently experiencing with your spouse, then they will surely create a set of weird thoughts in your mind. This may leave you unsatisfied, discontent, and low on libido. It is always better thereby to have a clean slate before you get married and start a fresh journey.


The feeling of resentment towards your previous partner is a negative emotion that you will always recall when you have sex. There are a lot of ladies who had a sexual relation in previous relationships that will come across their minds when they are having sex with their husbands. It often leads to poor performance in bed. A lot of stress and tension may arise due to this.

Every husband who has had a one night stand after a few drinks with someone can also experience certain performance issues. They might not have told their partner about their past and will always have a feeling of cheating their wife. It is a serious problem that is faced by everyone who has had a premarital sex. It can be a very negative thing in your sex lives.

Parenting Problems

The generation gap is now a mammoth gap that is bridged in very few cases. If you are a father who is observing his son or daughter going around with a lot of new partners then you will also feel an urge to have a talk and put this behavior to a halt. But if you also were one crazy teen in your time will you be really able to put across these instructions clearly to them?

A lot of parents have said that they feel a bit awkward and concerned when they see their child doing the same mistakes as they did in past. Even when they are trying to talk things out they feel like putting on a cloak of fake personality. These values are really important if you want your child to follow the path.

Our Views

We hope that it is clear now that what the drawbacks of having premarital sex are. These issues are not based on any kind of religious or social norms and rather on the human mind. We hope that you will get a little help on this topic from this article.

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