5 Most Romantic Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Love is the most precious gift and your special one needs to be acknowledged and showered with all the lovey-dovey gestures on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day! A plethora of gifts are available in gift shops with a wide range of collection and variety. However it takes some extra effort to prepare something handmade and gift your beloved boyfriend. Here are a few easy but awesome ideas of homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved. Express your love and meticulously plan your Valentine’s Day to make it one of the most memorable occasions of your love life!

Unique Ideas of Valentine’s Day Celebration

Venture this Valentine with some of the most amazing gift ideas on Valentine’s Day that are totally handmade and quick and easy to prepare. Simple yet attractive makes the gifts priceless when blended with all your love. Here are some creative and best Valentine’s Day gift ideas including simple cards, bottled of messages, cans of emotions, and many more which add colors of love in your relationship. So shower your darling with these 5 best handmade Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend.Handmade Gifts for Him on Valentine's Day

A Jar of Emotions and Love

Emotions are best expressed when inked with your heartfelt love and emotions.

  1. Take a small jar and decorate it in different ways. Use a ribbon and wrap it around the jar and stick some hearts and decorative items on it. It is simple message in a bottle and one of the simplest Valentine’s Day surprises.
  2. You can express your feelings in these messages or even quote some famous lines from popular authors who have inked romance in the best ways ever. So get into the boots of Shakespeare and write some special lines on this valentine’s gift for him.

Valentine’s Light Bulb

Lighten the love of your life by gifting your darling with an amazing light bulb. All you need is a simple light bulb and some pieces of word and wire to make this amazing Valentine’s Day present for bf.

  1. Place the bulb on the box with wood scrap. Now decorate your wooden box with an amazing handmade paper.
  2. Take a plain chart paper and paint it with your favorite color. Crumple it well and let it dry. Once the paper dries off it gets the marks and textures of being crumpled.
  3. Now cover the wooden box with this paper and stick some decorative pieces on it.
  4. Use the wire to set up proper connection and make a perfect bedside lamp that will lighten your days and nights.

Flour Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are wonderful romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend.

  1. You can decorate the front on the card with ribbons, decorative pieces and flour while the inner portion of card can be filled with your quoted messages.
  2. To make flour cards paint the front with your favorite color of love and cut it out in the shape of a heart. Now spread four on the edge of the heart cut out to give it striking visual effects.

Romantic Photo Frames

  1. Cut the card board in a rectangular shape of heart shape with a scissor.
  2. You need to cut out two pieces of the same dimension. Now insert your favorite photo in between the two pieces of cardboard.
  3. Cut out a cardboard piece long enough to support the frame as a stand. You can cover the card-boards with a decorate paper and shining stars.
  4. Also tie a ribbon around to make it one of the most awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him.


Handmade heart shaped tea bags are one of the most unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your beloved boyfriend. Create your own heart shaped bags by cutting it out in the shape of a scissor and stitching the sides with needle and thread. Fill it with his favorite tea and stitch it tight. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift for lover is sure to remind him of you in every sip of his tea.

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