How to Seduce Man Before Sex to Get More Pleasure in Bed?

Love making is an important part of relationship. It strengthens the bonding of the two individuals in a very strong way. If the things are little romantic in a new relationship then eventually you will start feeling the need to have a good and beautiful sex with your partner. It is usually thought that it is the guy who has to make the move and take things down the lane. The tables are slowly turning though, more and more girls are now taking the lead and seducing their men. We are putting down some of the easiest ways for you girls to seduce your partner and turn him on in no time. Also those single ladies it will be cheat sheet for you to seduce men you desire. Let’s have a look.How to Seduce Man Before Sex to Get More Pleasure in Bed

Hot Seduction Tips a Woman Can Try on her Partner

We are sure you ladies will be now be planning for a sexy date with your partner and this article will help you out to make things interesting. You can thank us when you have got your reward. Check out some of the best tips to seduce the man to get pleasure of your life.

Surprise Him

Surprises are always the best way to make anyone happy after a long tiring day at the office. Try to set up a romantic dinner table for him and wear a sexy dress for night. Make sure there is only candle light when he enters. It will be a little surprise for him when he sees you in that sexy little dress in the romantic environment. This will surely get him in the mood for a passionate love making. If you want to keep things simple then surprise him by opening the door in your best lingerie. Let him follow you to the bedroom after you give him a sexy smirk.

Bare it All

There are a lot of fantasies and desires that you have not told him yet, then now is the right time to tell it all. Lay down with him in the bed and start talking about your desires and what all you used to fantasize as a teen. He will surely put down that book he has been reading for a month now and come close to you. Men like it when woman talk about sex. It is a very uncommon thing for most of them. So it will surely lead him towards fulfilling all your desires. Spice up the things by asking him about his fantasies as well and then experiment with a mix of both.

Undress with a Little Oomph

All men love to watch girl undress in style. The whole p*rn industry is surviving because of this art. The best way to arouse him is to skip your washroom trip to change clothes rather walk towards the mirror and after getting his attention, start undressing while looking in the mirror. Make sure he can see your reflection as well. He will be surely getting excited after looking at you performing the undress art. Take it slow and don’t rush. If you two catch a glimpse in mirror then don’t forget to give him a sexy smile. You will surely see him running towards the mirror to take off the rest.


After a tiring day in the office there is nothing like a body massage and it is more special when your partner gives you one. If you are well aware of his sweet spots then this method will surely be easier and the sexiest option for you. Try to massage him slowly starting from shoulders and then going down. Undress while you are going down. He will surely be happy to put in his effort by giving you a massage as well. Try to use some fragrance or aromatic oils to make it a better experience.

Get Dirty

If your partner has always liked a little wild side of yours then surely it will be a great way to steam up things. Go ahead and whisper some naughty comment in his ear while he watches the daily dose of his news. He will surely follow your lead and be ready to give up to your naughty side. Make sure that you don’t back out once he is aroused or else this may end up as a disaster. Be prepared yourself.

Seal a Kiss

The researchers have recently done a study to find out what every woman knows very well. Yet now it is proved that men can get excited by a passionate kiss. The idea sounds to be an easy one, yet there is an art in kissing. Polish you’re kissing skills by watching some kissing tips and give a passionate kiss when you two are meeting next and get him.

Shower Sex

You have surely seen a lot of movies where the couple is making out in shower. You have always fantasized that moment and so did your partner. Why not make it happen? Take him to shower with you or pull him inside while asking for the towel that you left on the bed. Rest we don’t need to tell you anything in this case.

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