7 Real Reasons Why Men Dump Women They Love

Men want a relationship that is bringing them happiness. Why even be in a relationship that is not bringing any growth or happiness in your life. Never compromise. In case you are compromising in a relationship, chances are you’ll end up cheating your partner even in the first chance that you get. So, when you’re not happy, talk to your partner about it. Tell them the problems and discomfort you’re facing and try to brush off these reasons and problems. In case you and your partner are not able to come to a common point then it is time you bid adios to your partner.

Reasons Why Men Dump Woman

However, before a relationship comes to the point of break-up there are a prolonged series of red flags. The woman must learn to identify the red flags that are the resultant effect of her behavior and try and eliminate these red flags in order to save the relationship. Below, we have written down few reasons why men dump women. Read out to find the reasons and brush away these reasons in case you don’t want to end up being single and lonely.Why do Man Dump Woman He Loves

You don’t Listen

Many women have this strange ideology that they’re always right and never listen to their partner. When you love talking too much you must even be ready to listen to your partner and take his opinion once in a while. It is not a case of black or white or right or wrong. However, every individual has a voice or an opinion. If it is you deciding everything in a relationship then often it might seem that it is you in a relationship with yourself. So, stop prioritizing yourself too much and let him speak. Give him the requisite attention and listen to him calmly.

You make a Relationship a Family Affair

The relationship is not a family affair. Whatever happens between the two of you ought to stay only between the two of you. You’re both matured, adults. You don’t need your family to resolve every little argument or conflict between the two of you. You might need a sister or a friend’s advice once in a blue moon however in case if you discuss every fight with your family or friends then there might be a friction between you and your partner.  Moreover, avoid making your family speak to your partner in order to resolve the fight. Keep things personal and try and resolve your issues yourself.

You Drag the Guy Everywhere

Every relationship needs time together to nurture and grow. However, in every relationship space is also important. You don’t have to drag your partner everywhere. If you’re going out with your gang of girls why do you want to drag him in this? There is a vast difference between the topics of discussion between a man and a woman. If there are 5 women talking about girly things a man will naturally get bored and feel awkward. So, taking him out once in a while with your set of friends is okay but don’t push and nag him too much for this.

It is a Relationship and not a Prison Sentence

No woman No! You just can’t go on and on dominating your partner and telling him things to do or not to do. Men are adults and have enough brains to decide on their own. You don’t have to force your opinion on every little thing in their life. Do not try to drive your man according to your helm and wishes. Giving an opinion is okay but do not force your opinion. Moreover, never restrict your partner to spend time with friends and family. He has a life beyond you and he’ll want to live that. Do not enter into his personal space else you’ll find yourself being badly dumped.

Independence is Great but only to Some Extent

Now, this is a tricky thing. One, men expect the woman in the relationship to be independent so that she can cater to her bills and her decisions. Two, too much independence coming from a woman might seem offensive to the man. You don’t have to brag and make your partner feel that you’ll be okay without him and he’s not doing anything beyond providing you sex. This will rip off his male ego and men certainly, don’t like that. Take his opinion on little issues, let him pay willingly for you (don’t make this a routine), let him do little things to make you feel loved and special.

Don’t Bring up things from the Past

Everyone makes mistakes at some point or the other. However, the idea is to forgive and forget. If you cannot forgive a mistake then you must end the relationship then and there. However, if you choose to forgive that mistake don’t bring that up every time there is a fight or argument. Get things off your memory and remember there is no future in the past. So, forgive and forget and move on towards a happy relationship. If you repeatedly mention about his mistakes in the past and take him to the guilt trip it is bound to have a negative impact on your relationship.

You don’t take the effort to make him feel special

It is true that women like being loved and pampered. However, men too enjoy the attention. So, make him feel special. Try doing things for him like he does for you. Men love food, so take him out on a romantic dine out or cook his favorite meal and arrange a candle light dinner. Gift him small things that will let him know that you love him and think about him as much as he thinks about you. If you only expect without any payback a man will feel disappointed that his efforts are not reciprocated and will look out for someone who would reciprocate his efforts.

The Last Words

These are some common reasons why men tend to dump women they are with. Women try to take over men most of the times and this is the major reason why men dump women. Women must try to prevent fights over small issues and give proper time to their men.

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