What Men Wants in Sex from Woman– 6 Things Every Man Wants from Her Woman to do in Bed during Love Making

Men are always out there in friends bragging so much about how they had a wild and steamy sex with their girlfriend or wife. In reality when it comes to asking her to do something in the way they like it is a great risk for them, as she might wrap up the whole thing. But there are really some of the major things that women don’t seem to realize. Men today have a lot of things in the back of their minds which they are not able to speak up due to a lot of reasons. These reasons are more or less common for all men.What men look in women while having sex

Things Man wants a Woman to Do in Bed

We will look into some of these desires that are hidden and not known to the ladies. So, ladies know these secret desires of men and give them a lifetime of pleasure in bed.

They like it when you are turned on yourself

A lot of women believe that it is solely a man’s duty to turn them on. It is also known that ladies seem to take a little extra time to get revved up for the act. The flipside though is that all the men are interested in girls and partners who can turn themselves on. It is not wrong at all if you are turned on and you go up and take the first step of seducing him. It will make your partner more engaged and happy during the intercourse. It usually pops up the things and once you start the thing, we all know that men can obviously take it to a great climax. So next time ladies, don’t be shy to take him to the bed. Give him little and subtle hints while you are on a date or even around the house. A little touching and remarks will surely do the thing.

He wants it be fun and not just a Mechanical Procedure

This point is equally important for both of you. We all know that real life sex is not really as fun filled and adventurous as is seen in the movies. It is really an important thing for men and women that they keep the intercourse fun filled and not a boring ‘let’s get finished with it’ stuff. You can be a little naughty and put a bet on various sexual favors that you can ask him to do for you and vice versa. It will make it more enjoyable and accelerate him to put an extra effort towards your satisfaction. So it is a win-win situation for both of you. Try to guide him of your likes and dislikes while he is doing it. Try to give positive responses to what he does in case you are really enjoying what he is doing. Make it a little difficult for him to please you, but don’t push the limits too far away. If you go on pushing the sex might just turn out to be a massive disaster.

Naughty is good, Naughty is best

All men have fantasies of having a really naughty sex where their girl is an equal partner in crime. Though, due to fear of denial from women, men never really ask for it. So all you ladies who are shy of being naughty or a little kinky, step up the ladder and turn the wheel. Ask him what his fantasy is and then take the things as he likes it. It has been reported by a number of sex experts that partners who have a naughtier intercourse once in a while are more sexually content and happy with their partners. It will surely make him a happy chap in the end and you will surely get a romantic feedback kiss from him. Make sure you start the things a little slow and increase the tempo as you go towards the climax.

He likes a cocktail and not just plain Old Whiskey

If you keep on having the same thing repeatedly you and your partner are surely heading towards loss of interest and charm in your sexual lives. It is surely an important thing for men as they are already working around the same robotic lifestyle. You are the lady luck so take charge and ask for a change of position or anything new. It will bend the things for you. He will never ask himself as most men are shy or afraid of asking their girlfriends or wives about it. This is because; they do not want to get you offended. Try to dress up a little and a nice talk and touching at the start will be surely a fair deal for starters. Men do like to see u in sexy lingerie and not necessarily naked. Play a little and then give him an idea of changing the regular position to a new and innovative position. Surely you can spice up things with a little research over the net.

They Are Not Just their …

The common notion is that men don’t have any other arousal points other than their sexual parts. The men also have some sensitive spots that can give him great pleasure. You will have to learn to touch him at those spots and also ask him about what he likes and not. A soft touch around the penis and inner thighs are surely the common points. Try to explore him, however, a little foreplay will surely make a little better experience for him.

They always Need it but not as you think

Most of the ladies think that their partners can never be satiated with sex. It is not right, men do like sex a lot and want a lot of it but not because they are addicted to it or something. Usually, in men’s world, the guys are not showing their emotional and romantic sides so easily. It is very important that with a healthy sex you bring those trapped emotions to from him. It has been reported that a lot of men feel a lot better after having a healthy romantic sex. It decreases the stress levels and also improves blood pressure issues. So with sex, you can also take care of your beloved’s health. A massage and spa together is a great way of making it a romantic night.

The Last Words

We are sure that you are now well aware of some of the masks that are worn by men when they are having sex. Take them off and enjoy your sexual life in a better and healthy way. Hopefully, now you’ll have a better experience with him.

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