What Do Woman Wants from a Man in a Relationship – The Truth About Female’s Desires

It’s never easy to know and understand a woman. This is what most of the men would say who have lost their love. In reality, the trick of understanding what women actually want from a man in her life is based on realization of what it is to be a good man and more than that a better companion. If you are able to crack what it takes to be a better man, then you will surely understand what woman want from that perfect man that you shall become. It is a long procedure to become a perfect man, so why not give you a few tips for making it easy for you to understand your partner.

What Woman Want from her Man in a Relationship?

When you ask the question “What woman wants from a man in a relationship?” the list that you will get is a bunch of simple and very basic things that we men don’t want to change or mostly don’t understand. There is a very peculiar habit of men all around the world, we are really slow and big time losers when it comes to doing simple things that actually matter. But don’t worry now, just read ahead, and start understanding the lifelong question that baffled you whenever you asked it, ‘what woman actually wants from her man in a relationship?’What Do Woman Wants from a Man in a Relationship – The Truth About Female’s Desires

A Man who can woo her often with his Spontaneity

All of us have done a million things to impress our girls for the first few weeks of our relationship. Then as soon as the relationship becomes a little serious and she begins to know you better, you forget all those lovely things you used to do. We men have this love struck flashes in our heads for just a few weeks but it is not same with women. They like to be treated with love and affection all the time. You have to try to brighten up her day whenever you can. When you take a little effort for putting a smile across her face, trust us you will also be smiling big time at the end of the day. Women in relationship want their guy to be spontaneous somebody who can actually drop everything to see her. Spontaneity will keep things interesting and your relationship will give you a super fresh and crisp feeling.

A Man who considers his Woman as equal and respects her

Respect for each other is important in any relationship. If you really respect your woman then you must have full faith in her capability. If both of these are present then you are surely her choice for the perfect man. Even if you don’t have same talent and skills and still you believe in her and respect her on all levels and for what she does then you can easily be admired by her. You should accept the facts that in some areas she can be better than you, and you should always regard her for this. The woman seeks this quality in a man she wishes to spend her life with.

Romantic and Naughty Guys rule the Woman’s Heart

A guy who looks for new ways to make her laugh and be romantic is surely a charmer. It doesn’t matter if you are naturally a naughty and a witty talker. Even if you are a serious kind of person in day to day life then you should try to adopt this way of talking to get all the attention from your partner. This will not only keep her excited about you but will also invoke the child in you. If you thought that girls don’t want sex or talking about naughty stuff is not their cup of tea, then you have to rethink.

Women want sex as much as you want it but they are not vocal about it. They have to be really attracted towards the man only then they will open up to you. Romance is surely the way they will drop you small hints about whether they want to make love to you or not. The romance in a women’s world although is not about intimate and desperate things it is rather about those beautiful walks, holding hands and thereby sharing the emotional side with you in order to build an emotional connect with you.

Woman wants Time and a Good Listener

The art of listening is one of important skill that is very important for holding up a relationship for long. If you don’t listen to your partner, then you will surely be facing a really rough time. In case you both don’t communicate much she may or even you might wish to walk out of the relationship and look out for somebody more compatible. You have to be a good listener and pay attention to what she feels and says. Good communication is the foundation stone in any successful relationship. When you are in a relationship with a girl, all she really wants from you is to take out time for her. They can understand your busy schedule as well but it doesn’t mean she don’t want your time.

A Charmer with Humor and Fun

Women love a guy with great sense of humor. You don’t have to make a clown out of you to keep her happy but surely you should be someone who can look at the brighter side of anything and make her laugh every now and then. A serious guy can be good for family talks but a funny and witty guy is needed by woman all the time. Also women don’t want a relationship that seems like a task to keep up with. Monotonous behavior and talks is surely a spoiler in any relation, you should keep things interesting and fun. This doesn’t mean that you can completely throw common sense out of the window and do stuff that you do with your buddies. Common sense and humor have to come in balance in a woman’s version of a perfect man.

Women Love it when you Compliment Her

A guy should surely know how to make her lady feel proud of herself so don’ forget to tell her good things about her that makes her different from other women. You should always try to surprise your lady with flowers whenever you plan special dinners. If possible you can take her out on a little vacation. If your woman keeps feeling that she is in the best relationship of the world then she is surely not going anywhere no matter how tough the competition is. Always appreciate your woman, even for the smallest of her gestures, taken to please you. You have to remember, as much as the big things in love matter, little one’s are the ones that would make all the difference. Be the man who makes her proud.

A Man who makes her feel Lucky

Your lady loves it when you show up at the lunch dressed up in her favorite shirt and pants. Women love to show off their men to their friends and family. They can literally climb the top spot and shout out loud about your good looks and your nature if you are keeping her happy. If you succeed and any of her friend goes on to tell her how jealous she is after looking at you, then my friend you are the man of her life.

Impress Her family and Friends

A true man is the one who has found purpose in his life. The biggest trait that a woman seeks in a man she is planning to settle down with is focus and stability. If you are determined and ambitious, then your woman will surely share your dream and help you overcome the mountains and loopholes in your path. She will then surely take you to meet up her friends and most importantly her family. Even they will be impressed by your focus and passion. So keep yourself determined about your life as well.

Woman loves Mr. Dependent-able

A lady surely loves a man on whom she can depend on when she needs him. You have to be a consistent lover and your care and concern should not last just the few early months of your relationship. She loves it when you go out of the way to help her out in her new project or anything she wants you to do. So, be her Mister Dependable and she’s surely going to floor you with all the happiness in the world.

Final Words

Impressing a woman can be easy only when you know what she wants and what her desires are. Thus, a man must religiously work hard to dig out few things that your woman wants from you in a relationship. Though the expectations and demands of every woman might be different however there are few common things that are necessary to satiate any woman. Above, we have listed few of such things. Take note of these for sure.

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