What makes People Fall in Love: Is There a Cupid called ‘Kamadeva’ or Something Else

Love and romance are certainly the emotion that drives the human life and an urge to live. Humans are so designed psychologically and physically that their attraction towards opposite sex is an undeniable truth. This basic yet intelligent design is the driving force of this world. Our whole existence is based on this law of attraction. The little buds of love are sprouted within the adolescence when we first feel attracted towards the opposite sex. It is a magnetic attraction that is not in control at this age.

What makes People Fall in Love?

This whole phenomenon of attraction and bonding is known as the concept of ‘Love’. It is a little dreamy word when a layman thinks of it. Moreover, the cinema and arts have influenced a lot of these situations where the heart is to be blamed for this psychological and physical phenomenon of human species. We will today look into the concept of love with a different perspective as well and see how does the human body plays a major role in making you fall in love with someone and not an angel called cupid. A lot of social causes are also included. Let’s have a look.What makes you fall in love

Pheromones and Hormones are the Real Cupids

On Earth, almost all the developed species that can reproduce by a sexual intercourse between male and female counterparts produce these chemical agents in the body. Various pheromones and hormone combinations are the actual reason behind the human attraction and relationships related concepts. Various researchers have proved it after extended studies. In humans these pheromones are smelled fewer variants unlike other animal species and cannot be a figured out physically, they are more of a psychological phenomenon.

Oxytocin and vasopressin are the two hormones produced in our body that promote the emotion of romance in human beings. A common question that is raised is why two different people like different kind of people if the chemicals are same. The answer is the combination of these and the amounts of chemical release.

Psychological Aspect

Love is obviously a psychological phenomenon that builds human relations. Thus it is not that a particular kind of person can be manipulated by any other sources to fall in love. It is simply psychological reasons that make you resonate with a person of opposite sex. There are some psychological aspects that make people fall in love. The feeling of similarity at any level is surely the one that is more commonly noticed. Secondly, interactions between opposite sex will also infuse the feeling of romance and attachments. These interactions can be physical and as well as verbal or even in modern day virtual.

According to the psychology experts, love can be subdivided into two different branches. One is the compassionate love and other is passionate love. Primary kind of romance is originated from mutual understanding, respect and sharing this is the compassionate love. On the other hand, passionate love is based on intense sexual desires, anxiety, and affection. Each love or relationship is fueled by any of these psychological reasons.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is another reason behind romantic relationships. The human male and female bodies are so designed that they are attracted towards each other. But all of them are not attracted towards each other equally. The body and looks are important for them to be attracted towards each other on physical grounds. The concept of beauty is different for everyone. It depends upon the sexual images and ideas that one individual has created in his/her mind. As the famous saying goes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is actually a scientific truth.

Social Factors

  • We live in a society where a set of rules and regulations have been defined for the relationships. The society encourages and supports that individual who marry, produce children, and lives as a responsible citizen of the country. When a child also reaches puberty he or she becomes well aware of the relationship between male and female and thereby looks for a counterpart for himself or herself.
  • Society has been a real maze with different kinds of people, having a different perspective about a relationship. Today, the chances for a girl and boy to fall in love are increasing. The two have a lot of places to meet and interact and thereafter bond with each other. They are not seen with curious eyes if they step into a crowded marketplace together. Even the thinking of society is changing and people have begun to accept this change.
  • The parents are now both working and concept of joint families is long lost. The young minds thereby look for that love and affection from his/her counterpart. The bonding between the two is now formed easily as they will be meeting up regularly at various places such as colleges, office, or public places etc. and thereby knows each other very well. The maturity level of young minds is better than what their parents were in that age.

The Last Thoughts

So we have now concluded that love is a purely an emotion that is controlled by our mind. But either way, it is the most beautiful feeling of all human emotions. We all need love in order to stay happy and survive.

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