What Man Should Not Wear on First Date – Avoid These Outfits

The one thing that all of us know very well is that women love to dress up. They are always shopping something new for their wardrobe, no matter what. It is a very common complaint that we can hear from every man. Still, there are really a few who will remember this unconditional bond of good dressing and women. They will end up dressing up in a casual way to see a lady for the first date and cut off their points. Men are mostly a little less concern about their dressing style, but our beautiful ladies have a hawk eye that won’t miss even a single flaw in your outfit. We are giving you the cheat sheet of don’ts that you must avoid in order to win her heart on the first date.What man should not wear on First date

Things Men Must not Wear on First Date

These are some the most common mistakes of men when it comes to dressing up for a date. Apart from taking care of these points make sure you act like a chivalrous male, with a smart and witty sense of humor. This way you are surely going to impress her.

Say Goodbye to your Comfortable Khakis

Men usually prefer Khakis these days over the denim for casual outings. These are really comfortable trousers which are little more functional than denim and less casual than pants or formal trousers. These are a strict no-no for first date no matter how much you love them. Experts say that gals do not really appreciate khaki on the first date. These are not sexy at all. Take a look in your wardrobe and go back to the basic denim. It is important as girls seem to be fond of this old favorite. Don’t wear the corn and the faded denim as they are also a little awkward on the first date.

Striped Shirts are not Good

When you are going out on the first date you surely have to look best and obviously different from the crowd. When you will look around the restaurant you are dining at, you will find a lot of striped brothers of yours who will be wearing the same kind of patterns. It is important that you wear slightly subtle printed shirts rather than the deep striped ones. The better option is to wear a casual Polo Shirt with the denim. If you are wearing a blue denim then white or black shirt will surely stand out. Make sure you have your shirt tucked in. Girls like the men who know how to carry a tucked in shirt. If you are muscular then it will surely leave a charming impression on her.

A Little Color is Important

The common color for the man on a date is definitely black. The all black pairing is surely out of the window. Adding a little color to your outfit will look good. Neutral tones should be avoided as well look dull and boring for the dining. On the other side, too many colors are also a spoiler. You can’t even think to take out those flashy colored shirts or the fancy message t-shirts for your date. Try to add the color by adding a layer over the shirt. A solid blue, maroon or other dark toned sweater or mufflers can be paired with these white shirts.

Don’t Wear a Suit

This sounds a little controversial but is surely an important thing to remember. Wearing a suit is not good. If you are going for a dinner date then the suit will definitely be thumbs down. Suits are made for office so keep it for their only. A properly fitting suit will surely make you look a little tightened up. You may wear a trouser and a fitting solid colored shirt if you don’t have any other options in your wardrobe.

The Shoes are also Important

Women are well aware of every kind of shoe and sandals that are available in the market for them. They are equally interested in noticing the shoe that you are going to wear. The important part is that if you go by our suggestion and wear denim then you can practically wear any kind of shoe. The only thing you have to avoid is wearing your dirty shoes. Make sure your shoes are tidy and look perfect. It is famously said that if a woman likes the men’s shoes then she is sure to fall for him. However, the basic advice is never to wear slippers on a date.

Cologne is to Smell Good, not Bludgeon the Lady

A lot of men have a habit that is surely not on like list of women, i.e. spraying a huge amount of deodorants or perfume. You are going for a date and not telling the world which perfume you use. Girls really don’t like those men who fall in this category as it is usually taken as a typical showoff behavior by them. Try using an expensive perfume or cologne instead of those cheap deodorants.

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