7 Reasons Why Physical Intimacy is Important in a Relationship

A relationship demands a lot more than mere sharing of your feelings and having long conversations. The connection gets stronger and the relationship invigorates when it receives the right care and affection. Physical and close intimacy plays a significant role in strengthening and helps in the building of a successful relationship. It helps to strengthen trust and also share a close bond which is exclusively for your special one making it even more precious. According to relationship tips givens by experts, physical intimacy makes a great push to a strong and healthy love story.

Importance of Physical Intimacy in a Relationship

Apart from trust, there are several reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship. It helps to get two people come closer and understands their level of comfort with one another. It also releases hormones that charm moods and keep people happy and hearty. Some of the most crucial reasons that are in favor of physical intimacy between couples that will answer your queries to can a relationship survive without sex have been highlighted below.Physical Intimacy in a Relationship, Importance, Benefits, Issues

Build Trust and Dependency

Physical relationship improves the way in which your partner treats you. He tends to see you in a different light and starts respecting for your inner beauty.

  1. Your partner gets to know you inside out and hence hidden secrets often get unveiled while having physical intimacy with partner.
  2. It builds string trust and creates emotional dependency which serves in the most effective manner in the long run after tying the nuptial know.

Relationship Satisfaction

According to a proven search, romantic couples who do not have fear of physical intimacy are more satisfied that people who shun physical closeness.

  1. Physical dependency or simple gestures of love gives immense satisfaction and keep people happy and reliable to their partners. However sex advice says that people must be cautious such that unpleasant physical intimacy issues do not come up during love or sex.
  2. Proper protection and consent of the two involved in the relation should be given utmost important prior getting into a physical closeness.

Good Mental well-being

Physical intimacy and romance with female partners have proved to reduce stress and blood pressure in women.

  1. Women who enjoy more hugs and physical closeness with their partners tend to be happy and stay in a good mood. It has been narrated during many counseling by expert relationship counselors.
  2. This encourages their family and work life keeping an amazing balance between the two.

Nurture Your Relationship Growth

Physical relationship is a boon in every relationship that improves comfort, trust, emotional dependency, dedication for one another. It is important to realize that is physical intimacy necessary in a relationship?

  1. It is an absolute necessity and no relationship can survive without physical closeness. True love or arrange marriages, all relationships demand physical closeness.
  2. It basically nurtures and encourages growth of a beautiful and happy relationship.

Good Mood

Hugging tightly, holding hands and being in each other’s arms are gestures and expressions of love and affection that people strongly feel for one another.

  1. Physical intimacy with love mate or these gestures of physical behaviors elevate oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for lessening pain and induces a calm and serene sensation.
  2. This in turn helps to keep people cool and encourage affection and love.

Prediction of Marital Love

Physical relationship is very important post marriage as it helps to determine the intimacy and closeness they will share in their years of marriage.

  1. This closeness helps in strong building of marriage and encourages their comfort level.
  2. The physical intimacy before marriage can predict how well the closeness will be post marriage and the level of comfort the couple will share later on.

Reduces Stress and Brings in Happiness

Our daily life is filled with struggles at work and a competitive ambience all around confronting different people that often build up a deadly stress among us.

    1. Relationship stress can also occur from feelings of inferior or superior complex that eventually leads to excessive possessiveness and emotional stress. Physical affection and simple touch and hugs help to release this stress.
    2. According to a study, physical intimacy in relationships helps to reduce stress hormone cortisol and build confidence among couples. So start sex life with touch and progress to live a happy and beautiful relation filled with love and respect.

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